Thursday, April 19, 2007

Post Pause

Increased clinical and academic workload have taken me away from journal writing for quite some time now that I may not be able to achieve my obsessive goal of three posts in a month for April.

There has been constant bombardment of information since February, and as our orientation program proceeds so do the required level of mental and physical energy increases. My classmates and I have started to feel burned out, and our brains seem to have reached saturation point.

Additional schoolwork has also taken me away from the gym. On days off, I usually get up around 04:30 and get to the gym by 05:30 to mingle with weight machines, treadmills, gliders and climbers; Wrap up comes at about 07:30 to give me enough time to shower and get myself ready for an 08:00 class. But with more chapters to crunch and digest, reading has taken priority over working out. I just manage with a little exercise routine at home.

A brain and brawn-gruelling class is set on last week of April. Based on the current schedule, this seems to be the last one, so hopefully by May I will have more time to write.


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