Monday, October 13, 2008

We Fly!

My friends and I went indoor skydiving at iFly Hollywood in Universal Studios CityWalk to celebrate my birthday this month.

It's both exciting and scary just watching it from outside the clear vertical tunnel, so how much more if you're the one being levitated by mere wind.

But our flight instructor Javi took care of our reservations and allayed our fears with a little pre-flight education.

The following videos are edited versions. With the help of my MacBook's iMovie, I put text on the first round, and sound effects on the second.

It was so much fun I want to do it again next year, or maybe sooner. And perhaps after several indoor stunts, I'm crazy enough to do outdoor!

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  1. LOL music+ sound fx+ laugh track- you're the biggest cheeseball ever!

    i actually saw this contraption a coupla weeks ago when i went there- this little boy flew all the way to the top! looked fun : ) lemme know when you wanna do the real deal...i wanna go!

    ps. the instructor at the end was such a showoff!


  2. The biggest cheeseball, yes, I am, yes, I am. :D!

    You wanna do the real deal?! Wow, you're one unassuming dynamite. Let me just go through a few more of these claustrophobic indoors, okay. :)