Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Andrea Bocelli Live @ Honda Center

It felt a lot like a White Christmas Sunday night when Andrea Bocelli serenaded the city of Anaheim. He sang opera songs during the first half of the concert.

The second half of his repertoire were from his Christmas album which he collaborated with with premiere composer David Foster.

Before this, I have only had the opportunity to listen to his CDs. Watching and hearing him perform live is an experience in itself.

Bocelli is immaculately effortless. His vocal range, from high notes to deep tones, sent goosebumps on my nape and shivers down my spine.

Andrea Bocelli
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  1. Found a site called ezwingame that is giving away a free copy of his Christmas DVD and a Susan Boyle Cd...cool stuff..wanted to share

  2. Wilma Yan Cano said...

    wow...wish ko rin sya mapanood someday

    December 16 at 12:20am