Friday, May 30, 2008

Mama’s Recovery

Mama had an accident last Valentine’s Day.

She fell on a rough pavement which inflicted cuts on her face, bruises on her arms and legs and, most crushing of all, she broke the upper end of her right humerus into three segments.

Her old glasses are now silent testament to the incident: cracks, bents, and blood - particularly on the left lens.

The orthopedic doctor we consulted here in L.A. advised surgery as soon as possible. Mama has no insurance until three months after the incident, so my eldest sister and I decided it best she have it done in the Philippines where she can get the same quality of care and treatment at a more comprehensible cost. That is why I went home about two months ago: to accompany Mama not only on the plane but also through the first few phases of her recovery.

After consulting two orthopedic doctors in the Philippines however, surgery was not anymore recommended. Healing, they said, had occurred and it wouldn’t be advisable to interrupt it. Physical rehabilitation became the road to her recovery. Her sessions included range of motion exercises, therapeutic ultrasound and electric stimulation of the muscles.

Mama wore a sling most of the time in the day to immobilize the affected joint which augments healing and keeps the humeral bulb near the scapular socket. It also serves as a sign to people passing by to take extra caution.

My youngest sister recently sent us latest pictures of Mama. She can now beam minus the steri-strips and abrasions, and with a brand new pair of spectacles in bright red frame to boot.

Her right arm’s mobility used to be limited to only 50%, but now she can arch it backwards,

lift it sidewards and stretch it upwards.


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  1. Good for Momma! I pray that she continues on the path to recovery and that she keeps doing what she's doing! God Bless Momma!

  2. Thanks, shadowboxer, for always being there electronically. :)