Thursday, May 15, 2008

Necessity Knocks: The Path To My First Car, Part 1

I have amazingly survived more than a year of not having my own car in the megalopolis that is Los Angeles, making the most out of the city’s public transportation system. There are three reasons why it took this long.

One, I live very near work, practically walking to and from it. That doesn’t quite give me enough motivation to buy a car. Essential establishments such as banks, groceries, supermarkets and drugstores are just a busride away as well.

Two, I’ve been busy with more pressing things and issues. Buying a car requires diligent research, specially for a first-time buyer like me, and upgrading my work-related skills & knowledge and salient aspects of my personal life I found to be more important than upgrading my metropolitan mobility.

Three, I’ve been saving up. In other words, I hadn’t had enough money to buy a car in the past year. I may be a nurse, but my financial performance is the beginner’s type because: it’s my first time to work in this country, I was sponsored for residency by the hospital I work at, and I’ve only been working a year.

In addition, I had three major purchase projects when I started working: a cellphone, a laptop, and a car. Communication takes precedence over transportation. Another project currently in the works that sprung out of necessity is an air conditioner since my apartment is not equipped with one, summer is so very much upon us, and no way will I go through last year's killer heat wave again!

Since I have achieved the first two, it’s only a matter of time before I achieve the third. I had a little financial setback two months ago when I unexpectedly had to go out of the country. Good thing that happened first, otherwise I’ll be anxious leaving my car here for more than a month.

On my way back, thoughts of buying a car started to crystallize. I figured my days of Metro buses & trains and carpools will have to make way for motorist actualization. Thoughts of endless possibilities of city travel was becoming more and more enticing and apparent. I can just imagine all the places I can go to at any time I want with my own car. I'm set to buy one anytime this year.

But that plan became more specific and its time frame more urgent when I found out that the grocery I frequent that used to bring shoppers home with their shuttle does not anymore! I pretty much took it as an affirmative sign.

I have to buy a car!


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