Monday, December 29, 2008

Hybrid Hibernation: Angelino's First Home Alone Holiday

I will be flying to Seattle and leaving Angelino for a week or two. Separation anxiety is setting in. But I’ve prepared Gino for his first “home alone” holiday.

He got his third and last car wash for the year this morning.

While still relishing the gifts I gave him for Thanksgiving - clear floor mats and a cargo net - he’s delighted anew with Christmas gifts I’m going to leave him with.

One is a rear bumper protector which will help avoid any blemish on his back particularly when loading stuff.

And then, a most fitting gift, which fits him perfectly I should say, is a sturdy car cover to protect him from winter elements in SoCal.

I’m particularly amused by the antenna pocket which spikes up like a shark's fin.

When I get back next year, I’ll be giving him his New Year's gift which caps the holiday presents he’s thus far received - leather seats!

See you next year, buddy.
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  1. talaga naman... parang anak mo talaga ah... hahaha
    i should learn from you once i get my baby toy too...

  2. kun kaipohan mo advice sa pagbakal awto, maghapot ka sana sako ta fresh pa an car buying experience ko. and it's backed by 6 months of research. hehehe.