Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Glancing Backward, Looking Forward

At each turn of the year, we usually reflect on how the last 365 days went and think about how the next will be.

In 2008, I had been fortunate to have:

1. Spent more time with family. My mother and eldest sister were in L.A. for some time, and I went home to the Philippines with my mom and spent time there with her, my youngest sister & relatives. To top it off, we reunited in Seattle during the holidays to usher in the new year.

2. Seen my docile Doberman, Koko, while vacationing in the Philippines. He has been under the care of a family friend, Fr. Sonny Ramirez, O.P., since I left for the U.S.

3. Met up with old friends while in the Philippines.

4. Seen John Williams in concert again.

5. Earned my certificate in Emergency Nursing in case I decide to pursue that specialty.

6. Experienced my very first opera with “The Fly, The Opera”.

7. Grown older and wiser, and celebrating it in literally flying colors.

8. Finally purchased my very first car.

This year, I am hopeful towards:

1. Starting in a new specialty area: PACU.

2. Giving indoor skydiving another shot/s in preparation for the big outdoor.

3. Traveling to another city or country.

4. Getting to know Angelino better.

5. Discovering L.A. and its neighboring cities with Angelino.

6. Ending my single-since-birth existence and welcoming romance into my life by finally giving dating priority.

7. Losing weight and building up. As challenge and promise, I will submit myself to public humiliation by posting a picture of why I need to.

8. Becoming a better son, brother, cousin, friend, colleague, nurse, motorist, citizen.

All the best of 2009 to everyone!

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