Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farewell to the King

The King of Pop died today.

I knew about it while at work. The stunning news was a virtually incessant content of TV as well as conversation. It struck a melancholic chord among my contemporaries and I.

I feel fortunate to have been an 80s kid, growing up with his music, but I have never seen him perform live.

He had a concert in the Philippines in 1996 but I didn't have enough money to watch him then.

When I came to the US about a couple years ago, I vowed to be there once he stages a comeback.

Now I have the means, but the king is no more. I wish I had borrowed money then so I could have seen him in concert.

I have admittedly been bothered by his personal troubles and eccentric behavior but I remain an ardent admirer of his worldly pop music.

He is a great loss to people whose lives he touched and made a little better through the sheer power of his music.


  1. i feel as though already, music is a bit less bright.

    ClaireMichelle R Hernandez
    4:44am June 26

  2. grew up with his music, he will be missed

    Bri N Noi Rotor-Lopez
    7:10am June 26